A Journey of Living Love!

We are children created in  God’s image …Love!  Created by God Almighty whom Loved us First!  God is Almighty! 

As Truly being God’s, the Holy Spirit enables us to be guided back into the Lo’ve of Our Father by helping us to conform to God’s will and not our own. A sign of  True Love given back to Our Father in Heaven who created All!!

! Let the Holy Spirit guide us on the Journey of God’s Love made Visible!

Our devotion to God is shown by communing and offering, Forgiveness and Mercy to others as well. God’s Love can be made visible when we work with the Holy Spirit! Love is endowed to us and distributed by Our Love for God.

Let us by Christ’s example forgive All, including outselves, so we will be able to spread Love of the Father everywhere in Our Journey; thus doing God’s Will!  We will be God’s Light in the World for a True Timeless Destiny! Amen..

This is the Journey.  May we be examples, helping All Live Again by the Help of the Holy Spirit …to God always be the Glory Amen!

We are Here to Love God , Our Neighbor and Ourselves!  The development of Perfected Love is Our Journey and Destiny!. Born again to Love with Eyes and Ears that See and Hear the beauty All around in Love with God’s True Form! God’s  Love endures Forever! God’s Ways are Higher and Never die! Love conquers All!

Let us be Lifted by Our surrender to His Holy Will and Follow the Holy Spirit!  Faith developed for God’s Will Alone, Our True devotion to Him. Amen!

God’s Perfect Gift, the Gift of the Holy Spirit that can Commune with us as we Commune with God through Christ! a A Journey to Eternal Bliss when we are enveloped in Our Maker’s Perfect Love!

God, You are our Journey, let us stay straight on the path with the Holy Spirit and may Our New Light be so illuminating to. enfold  All His Creation.

Through Him, with Him and In Him by the Unity of the Holy Spirit; All Glory and Honor is Your’s Almighty Father. Amen!

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