We All Need Each Other!

All creation has been, and is, designed by God. God created not only animals and saved two of each kind, during the flood; but He Created man and woman, saving an entire family of those who truly loved Him. 

 Christ came as an example of true devotion and love for God the Father because our hearts were unable to understand True Love. Now Christ has come and redeemed us from the wrath by Mercy, Grace and His Love for those who Trust and Believe in Him, offering salvation to Live for Eternity with God. 

God bestows  us with Mercy, Grace and Love for one another with the help of the Holy Spirit, when we offer up ourselves with contrite hearts believing in Divine Mercy for others and ourselves. We cannot claim the Glory, this is the work of God. 

The Holy Spirit guides us, rendering  Hearts of imperfection to be perfect Love by the example of Christ, Letting go and Letting God control All!

Our Maker is amazing and desires for True Love to exist within Us not a facade of love.  True Devotion given for Gratitude of Our Maker  is the Perfection of Love desired by God Himself. Christ Our human example to follow, shows us the Way to become the unblemished Lamb able to Lay down with the Lion! Peace to a World that Needed God from the beginning! 

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