With True Love in Us We Become Peace!

Without God, who is Perfect Love, we are unable to express this to others and have true Peace. True Love does caste out all fear, for we have God within us …who can be against us, then! God is Full of Mercy and is Love; therefore, we, with our Human example of Jesus Christ, are shown the Way and given the ability to carry out Perfect Love by Truly Loving Our Maker!

Almighty God and Father gives us freewill to Love Him, for if forced, Love would not exist in our Hearts. He desires intrinsic value for Him within us, desiring to be with Him for Eternity. God Loved us First isn’t it about time we Loved Him back!

Love is what the World Needs Now! May We Honor God, offering Ourselves in Love for a Peaceful World that we are the instruments of Thy Peace!

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