Yes Jesus, I Trust In You!

Jesus spoke” Peace I leave with you my Friends!”  Laying His Life down for humanity to be forgiven, making Peace with God and the World, There is no greater Love than this! 

Peace is given to those who make Peace!

Without following God in All we do, to B Love…an offering of Peace…How could We ever have Peace! It is by giving that we receive! Let us All be an offering of Peace by giving of ourselves, to bring God’s True Light to the Darkness and Illuminate All. We will  be the Peace instruments to bring Peace, not war!

 Jesus I Trust in You with Your Mercy and Love for All; interceeding  for Us, so we too, may inherit the Kingdom of God…the merit of Following Him! Without Jesus and His intervention by asking God Almighty for Mercy on us All, we would not ever have been able to Know, the beauty of God’s Love made Visible to Us! 

 Our belief in God’s power and majesty to raise us up, is to Know through God All things are possible. With Our Knees bent in True adoration to His Son, we will give Honor and Glory to God The Father!

Yes Jesus, I Trust in You! Your Beauty is beyond measure! The veil has been removed for Us to See… True Love made Visible for You and Me!

We Can All Enter in at the Wedding Feast with Trust in Our Lord! 

With You as My Lead, May I Always Follow in Step on This Wonderful Journey Home… For the Dance Of Everlasting Life is Entrusted with You.  May You take my Hand for the Dance Forever in the Kingdom of God!

Every Knee Shall Bow to the True Lord of the Dance!

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