Live Like Today Is All We Have!

Live each moment, as if it matters. Going around vicariously Our lives are just mere existence. They are missing purpose and direction. 

Understanding that at any moment in time we can be as the flower of the field and wither and die, we must embrace our life with purpose. Glorifying God, not ourselves, in our actions, leaves a legacy that lives for eternity. 

Yes, with God as our center, the outer covering…our bodies though important for mortal existence …are left and we attain the new spiritual bodies that can live for eternity. 

May we embrace each day with God’s frame of mind, by allowing Love to encompass us and live within us Forever! We are the sign of Christ’s Life with us yet, so let us show with our actions, adoring His perfection in Love; thus, making our journey Home with True Honor for God the Father. Amen.

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