Realizing We Do Not Control …

There are times, I am sure, that many of us feel in control of a situation; but in an instance chaos from the blue can open our eyes to the wiles of the devil , leaving us with dilemmas and situations surmountable. It is then we must look to God for help, calling out in Jesus name…direction out of the chaos.

Finding out Who truly has control, can be very humbling! …Which it should be! God wants us to realize, we can do nothing without him.

 At our weakest moment, Christ is strong for us. He has won the battle, so we must call on His help for us and trust in His unfailing Love.

When we Trust in Him, we have the courage, strength and fortitude to continue onward with Him…giving Him leadership to guide us into God’s perfect will.

It is  through the Holy Spirit and Jesus that we can persevere through the rough and dark terrain! Our true guides that are one with God, yet distinct in their purpose.

We all are similar in the body of Christ, the Church. We each have distinct purposes and gifts to offer the rest of the body. Let us each remind ourselves that we are collectively the body of Christ, and each must collectively pray for one another, but most of all for the lost to find the Way Home! Without them, we are missing part of the body, that can never be replaced by anyone else. They are of extreme importance, for Christ seeks out the lost, as only a good Sheppard would.

 As fellow disciples of Christ , let us each pray for intercession of All the souls, so we may be joined as one in the complete body of Christ!

 Let God’s will be done! 

Place Jesus in the drivers seat for the ride Home!


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