Praying for Others: A Gift From the Holy Spirit

Without the Holy Spirit’s help and guidance, many are not prayed for or acknowledged. The Holy Spirit’s guidance opens our eyes to see beyond ourselves and picture the bigger scheme of Life.

Everyday we must pray to God in Jesus name for the lost…many are included…let us not forget. As we are slighted for our beliefs, pray for those that are persecuting us and ask the Lord to guide them to heaven. It is His work, done on the cross, that enables any of us to enter into the Kingdom of God…our Maker’s Divine Kingdom of Absolute Love.

When we see discord, malice, and other types of hurtful reactions that tear at the Body of Christ; it is our duty to pray for peace in their hearts, so Peace with God shall enter All!

Please be mindful of all men , so there are no vacant seats on our journey Home. May Love ring out among all nations and Peace be with Us! Amen.

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