To Everything There Is a Season!

Even though the Glorious Anthem has resounded that Christ has Risen, we must remember we exist in this realm experiencing trials and tribulations at times. This is not to cast the light so dim, but to acquaint us with the reality that we have not arrived…we are on the Journey still. 

There are seasons for every purpose under heaven!

Yes, the Journey gives us contrast to see into Perfection existing between our reality and God…our Journey Home! 

The Holy Spirit leads us into  perfect knowledge by guiding us through times of dormancy  and other times when we are  flourishing. These times are seasons to perfect us and produce from us, an abundance of good fruit with the talents provided by God.

As we mature, growing  more into God’s image, we become less like selfish beings, and God gets the Glory. radiating through us as we grow to His Perfection.

 God Loves us so much and His ways are so much higher, that no man could fathom Him! Praising and Honoring Him is our due!  We were given such importance in the scheme of Life to just understand and Love Him!

Love to You, Father, for designing us and giving us Life. May All Souls reach out and embrace you with Love in return. You must have missed our communion with you, when we wandered away. 

May we follow the straight and narrow path; but always know, we All need to walk the same path to Perfect Love….God Himself.

 I’m following the True Leader, Love, and Hope You Do Too!

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