The Sabbath, A Day of Rest!

During our week we may have numberous responsibilities with arduous tasks to complete, it is on the Sabbath that we rest and give thanks to God. Thanks be to God that He thought of us in such a merciful and loving way. Many of us Do not realize that God made the Sabbath for us and to keep it as a Holy Day of rest from work. 

It is explicit in His Word for us to keep it Holy, by not working or requiring it from anyone in the household or other bondservants. It is a day to Honor God and rest from the toils in our every day life. 

Remember, God rested on the seventh day and gave us that as well. As employers and parents, we should honor God and keep this day Holy, being examples and following a commandment set before all men. 

If required to eat, like David, we can pluck the grain or heal the sick like Jesus. The day is made for us to Glorify God in all we do.  Working that is not truly necessary, is the key. Let us remember God and allow employees and other members of God’s Family to  enjoy this day of rest and commune with God! 

May we all find ways to enable this to happen in the busy world that has become so accustomed to forget God. Let us always remember and Honor His Glory for all ages to come. 

Maybe when our priorities get put in order, our land will enjoy the Peace God intended for All.  To God Always be the Glory! Amen!

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