The Start of a New Day!

As we approach the Day, let us give Honor and reverence to Our Maker! In  Humbleness  let us submit to His Holy Will for Our Day. In this all Honor and Glory goes to God for we are guided by His Perfect Light of Love doing His Perfect Will.

His Ways are Higher than Ours. How could we fathom an all encompassing Maker of All… Impossible! But when we submit to Him, All is Possible…for He is God…deserving of all honor and praise!

Take off our old selfish desires and place on the new desires of doing His will, dressed in perfection by Him! 

A New Day in the Light of God, no longer in the dark cloud of confusion and Lost. Now found wrapped in His garment of Love, forever into eternity with Him as we continue to submit to Him. 

To God be the Glory…Forever!

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