Peace That Passes All Understanding!

Although our days can be full off stress, it is when we stop in the moment and pray for peace…the Holy Spirit gives us strength to persevere despite the situation in a state beyond any comprehension of the stress. We become enveloped in a calmness that is unexplainable, but exists to give us respite from trials and tribulations.

God promises us He will not give us more than we can handle. He fulfills this promise by us reaching out in prayer and believing in His Omnipotent Power.

Sometimes, we doubt and we put limitations on God. He is the maker of All and we must believe in Him for with Him All is possible. He is righteous and just; thus we should never doubt in His unfailing Love for us. 

He does give us gifts for a pure heart. Let us cleanses ourselves of iniquities and trust in Jesus’ mercy and grace extended to allow us communion with God Almighty. He promises to give us the desires of our hearts when we ask with a pure heart. Never doubt, trust and believe … He is there for each and everyone . He died so each of us would be set free to Love the Father for all Eternity!

Let us all see how light the burden can be, and place a smile upon our face.

Grace and Mercy to All! Amen!

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