Looking Beyond What You See!

We live in a world that includes are five senses. Are you aware of the miracles that take place every moment beyond what we see as visible?

 Yes, there is more to life than the mundane existence we have become accustomed to and live on a day to day basis. The existence of God is unseen in totality, but in part we know of His existence through the life of His creatures both great and small. Life became in existence by a power greater than ourselves…a miracle in itself. How can we deny the existence of the unseen. Even within our sight, there are numerous blind spots of undiscovered existence that does exist, but is unnoticed by our field of vision. This being so, how can we equate existence to only that which is seen!

May you come to the realization. That our world is much more than what our simple minds could ever have thought. Let us give Glory to Our Maker, trusting in Him to carry us through and lift us to the heavenly realms with Him reveling in His awesomeness for Eternity. 

May we Always give Glory to God and believe He has Always been with us,  Loving us despite our faults. Waiting for us All to See the Totality of His Glory because we too Love Him!

Thank-you God for Loving All of Us into creation and giving us Life that was, is and will always be by Our Spiritual union with You in the Body of Christ.

 Love given back to You because of who You are to All of Us!

 Let Us Be Love made Visible in a World where it seemed unseen!

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