Unrest? It May Be Time to pray…

Times of unrest can equate to a calling to visit with the Lord. Yes, He desires our attention, as well as, our friendship with Him. Spending time in true devotion to our Lord and Saviour, blesses our day before we walk through it. Knowing that His guide of the Holy Spirit is with us all along the Way, showing us how to equate Our version of Love into God’s Perfect Love.

Jesus, Prince of Peace, show All, the Way of being Lovers’ of God and not Ourselves. That we each may think of others as more important; thus giving Love where much is needed. Let us be examples that exemplify True Love to those whom have no real understanding of Love.

Love is patient and kind. It bears all things, is not rude. Does not parade itself. Believes all things,endures all things; for with God who is Love, All is Possible. 

Love produces the fruit of the Spirit. Without producing such fruit one does not have the Holy Spirit within to enable such fruits to develop. After our conversion we are granted these spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit to give others Love from Us. This enables all of us to grow even more into God’s True Love. 

Asking the Holy Spirit to help and guide, giving us the fortitude and persevence to walk when the Way seems arduous. Yes, others are called along the Way to assist us with our burdens…our crosses…so we each finish the path set before us to enter into the Kingdom of God for Eternity.

God never wanted any of us to be alone…we can never be alone with the Holy Spirit, for God gave this to us as a companion to help us return to His Kingdom of Love where we shall live forever and ever!

There we will be in the Glory of God the Father. The Way is straight and narrow for each of us comes in God’s order individually. We are unique;  so therefore, we are looked at through His eyes and seen as the individual He made us to be. We have unity, but are not created uniformly. We are not poured into a mold,  but molded  for a unique purpose under heaven.

 May we each recognize this and respect one another’s differences for all is needed to complete the body. Not one is created to be unaccounted…we must work together and help the weaker with the guidance of True Love for Love never fails!

 Persevere, the Help is on the Way…with Love from God the Father and the Body of Christ. Amen.

Please keep us all together in Your Love!

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