While in Our Bodies We Must Keep Them Clean!

Since Our bodies are the temple of God, we must keep them clean in all ways. We should stay away from sins against the body like sexual; but also sins like substance abuse, gluttony and entertaining our minds with negative and sinful behaviour.

These aspects of life can corrupt the human body as a whole, never mind taint the body of Christ which we are a part of in the grander scheme of things.

God created Food for the body and the soul. We part-take of communion to commune with the Holy Spirit and eat real food (that is not processed into something that cannot be recognized in form or content as its original constitutes) to be healthy.

God you made us, to eat of the plentiful orchards in your garden, but we that thought, knew better, and ate from the tree of knowledge trying to equate ourselves with your omnipotence. How grandeous and arrogant we became, thinking we knew better than the designer of all and could design a better world.

Man has a way of getting in the way. Instead of finding out God has the perfect solution, we create more and more problems. Lets get out of the problem and into the solution!

Lord, I Let Go and Let God! He is the author and finisher, so to Him be the Glory Forever and Ever! Amen!

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