Are You Going Somewhere…Please Be Present!

Your hurry, your scuffle…where night you be going? Where is this late important date…Eternity wears no watch…eternity awaits all to enter conception of time for in eternity all is right with the world! 

Please slow down, yes we are all moving too fast…where are we going…In a circle on the planet Earth! Let us remember the grass is not  greener on the other side just pray for rain. Living each day as it comes and embracing the moment…we stop chasing our tales…honoring the gifts of the present!

Did you notice the gift of God in front of you today in personhood…or did a picture of your selfie get in the way.  

Let us recognize the wonderful gifts of others…so we may always cherish what God has offered us in the moment. Let our choices be pleasing to God with our present accepted with gratitude. When the gift returns to God, we are glad still for the moments cherished and accept the new presents along the way! 

 Love is not forgotten, for God Lives in all our moments. Love when placed in front of us and recognized as our present…can keep us from going…at least for the moment and share our present too!

Where are you going…Let’s not worry…take the present offered with gratitude…your destination…is not yet in view…so enjoy the gifts. Remember God gave it all especially for you

 This time the phone showed you more than a selfie.  Recognizing the gift in front of us,  cherishing   the Life on the other side with Love as our True present.

Greetings one day you may meet the heart that beat to type this note to you. The real gift is that this note brought you to me.  I cherish you with Love. Life is beautiful because you are the present at the moment! 

Please Never Forget Your Present, We’d be disappointed if you left the present behind!

 Let us each bring the light in each others eyes and make Love visitble in our presence!

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