Hanging onto shreds, you rescued me!

When my heart shredded by infliction was hurting you came and rescued me from the torment and provided a cloak to comfort my heart with love that gave peace beyond any understanding. 

The Holy Spirit is our comforter in our darkness, when life’s turmultous heart aches leave us in disarray. God gives us a peace that makes no sense in an arduous world of constant demands. Comforter, peacemaker and friend in these times of need; the spirit grieves in our pain and gives us understanding that seems to be lacking in the world. 

Thank you Father for giving me this friend to commune with today. May I see fervently the graces bestowed by you for me. May your love grow to be expressed more fully by me in my everyday affairs. May my despondent attitude subside and display your boundless mercy and love for even the hurtful…so they may know True Love that God offers to All…accepting Love when you thought they’d never get it!

 God loved us First…It’s about our time to Love Him Back!

Waiting on His return to us in a world being changed  by the visible Love  of Christ’s Presence in the Body!

We are in our caccoons still changing; but in God’s time we will become His in a new body  Forever in Eternity.

Keeping You in my prayers and hopefully me in yours changing the Body as it now grows!

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