Pride…It’s Time to Pray, Looking Up!

The analogy of our pride and how it resembles the Trojan Horse is astonishing! We are all so ignorant to think pride in ourselves is the goal for the best at what we do!  Such pride is taking a trophy for ourselves and not giving God the true credit and glory! A Gift that becomes our own ruin if we do not acknowledge our maker…Father of All!

Our pride is the high horse we ride upon  from an abyss of self- fullness. We must look higher above ourselves to see what we are missing… Humility and everyone else including God! 

Today remember and treat others with respect and look to our Lord for guidance  to have humility…not pride…so God may finally be able to see the reflection of Christ in us…looking with recognition…not saying I never knew you!

Here’s to looking up to the Lord instead of at ourselves! May we change into the beings we were meant to become in God’s eyes!

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