In Whom Do You Trust?

Do you Distrust God? He made you, so your purpose is by His design! How could The Creator of Life not know you or your needs? 

Our minds have been tainted  with distractions that lead us off in tangents away from Knowing God!

He speaks through all His Creation, both large and small! His statutes, written in Our Hearts, do no harm! The language spoken by a contrite heart, has ears to hear God’s whispers!  

May God be Given the Glory through our lives!

 Glory  given back to the Father in Heaven with Love!

He Loves All and Offers Mercy for All…Jesus our example and our way to follow. Mercy is offered and when accepted…given!

Repentence is required of our offenses to Our Father in Heaven, in so doing we can turn from our past and go forward to Him!

The prodigal son has returned from the errors of his ways! All the angels rejoice!

Christ gave all of Himself to the Father in His actions, His works! Love is a verb…requiring us to participate. It is our freewill that we All must exercise by accepting  grace, mercy, and love from the Father. Once accepted we can offer Love freely from our hearts to one another.
We must allow God’s Love to penetrate our being; thus, letting our hearts speak to our minds.  

Love never fails. 

Go with God! Through Him all is possible! Without… All is Nigh! 

Live Love not a Lie!

His Mercy endures Forever…

He will remember your sins no more!

Use your freewill and extend goodwill!

Liberty with Wisdom!

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