Fruit by Design

The fruit of the tree of Life is given for all. One man and one women by design. The tree of knowledge was a tree of another. Please remember the union of a marriage and the sanctity of virginity. Honor the women and respect them as God’s children, do not defile.

If you have an established tree…why would you up root it? If nothing else, you would hurt it and place the tree in shock. Too much shock can kill a tree. Respect what you have and remember once established it is your tree, No one else’s!

Place God first and the tree will flourish. God is the giver of Life…love Him.

May God bless your families! Get with it and repent from the orchards you may have planted and go to God for the rest!

We are from the Tree of Life, even it we may have been grafted in. 

Love God first, then others….you will find all the answers you seek. Perfect love comes from God. Listen to Him first.

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