Wait…see serenity?

“Respect me” says the sea.

 Can we see that there is life unseen or wait undisturbed to see fully?

The sea and women can both carry life unseen.

Even the child says” Can you respect me”(. A heart pumps inside and  knocks on our own heart in due time. The sound is a sound that is heard by the two. 

Faith hear mine at rest as a comforted Child of God..

Remember all life today and every day!

Live and always let Live!

God is the Father of Time.  Soon  God willanswer the questions you have in Time. When the Time is Right He decides.  His timing; therefore, His Time. 

  • “Wait on Me,” He says.
  • We pause.
  • Then His  course results in perfect Timing.

With God All Is Possible!

So take care. No need for Windows into the unseen. God exists and will provide. Take one day and live one day. Then today’s worries will suffice.

 No calculation, no prediction can know the mind of God.

We are not boxes that carry others. We are not shells. We are living and carry the living as well.

 Remember!  Respect all Life!!  The Mother is Life and Carries Life.

My Life was carried by a woman and she was a Mother too.  She’s gone,  fear took a Life…from me and you.

Respect all Life. God is in control. 

No need for a prognosis. God says ” Wait “. 

The ultrasound not needed,.No man saying “Something is wrong.”  Unneeded worry. ”

We are not houses that are built with windows Or should I say Pains of glass.. So why place one, where it should not be and not Live.

God is control, wait, and you will see!

Here’s to the surprise! Wait and see!

Is your decision God’s decision. Did you wait to see? Let Go and Let God take control….remember respect all Life even me.

God’s timing….. Or ours…Without measure is His Love for US

See Serenity the more you pray and more will know also how to pray. 

God is Love!

A Life worth waiting to See!

Even shared for those like me, who didn’t quite get it all right from the beginning.


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