Serenity truly I have not arrived in it.

Thought in mind of a place of peace, a utopia where the pain of this life is non existent. I find hope at times, but have not yet achieved the serenity I have seen on the oceans edge. 

The placid water shining and glistening in

 the early morning sunrise, no longer in view has but a memory as a picture. Stationary, out of touch with the reality I live in. Times are but times. Nothing lasts…..faded memories of beauty that once existed, now to see only a reflection of what was or perhaps might have been. Now. Torn are those pictures through time. I cannot turn back, so I remain as I am …torn. Hope is hard to find in this realm. My heart once beat strongly, now not enough to sustain. I repented again and again…tried my best…but the world as it is…took away my hope of serenity leaving me with tears. Now you know tears of Joy.

Please help me wipe my tears away! Lord how can I see your face? God send your light to me…

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