Today I am amazed!

God gave me a new lease on life, today the first day as I proceed forward with his grace covering me. I don’t deserve what He extends for me. I am not whom I once thought I was becoming. Somehow, in the midst of the turmoil I lost sight of the road I’d been traveling with Him. It’s been hard and bewildering trying to find my way back. 

Lost in a sea of grief, tormented by my past, I left my security with Him by not asking what He wanted of me and do it. Instead I tried to figure out the sequence of the ways the world works…not His ways. Security to man is in finances, and acquiring; yet Jesus was just a simple man with the biggest heart to share.

How could I pursue the avenues I did, and leave my Lord behind…in that way I know I lost my mind. God’s grace restores me daily as I pursue His truths. He has and will be the only one who can

I hope my voice can lift even higher and touch your ears with love and peace. When I sing only to you, my heart is filled with Joy and the tears are forever gone with the beautiful sound radiating from within to tell you how much I love You!

Thank you Lord for loving me as you have, will and did. You are the same today, standing all around to guide me and help me from falling down.

You even saw my wounded knees that gave way to your majesty. Bowing down before you, I know the respect I have for you. Thank you for waiting for me.

In loving gratitude For Christ The King!

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