Another day with new challenges…

Mixed are the outcomes of all our challenges. Sometimes we feel successful and on top of the world. Other times we can be overwhelmed by the hurdles we have to manage that we can or may have to resign from going any further. Unbeknownst to all is the true intervention of God. He does not place the hurdle there to trap us, this is the time we stop to contemplate before we proceed. It may be we are headed in a wrong direction and it is time to change our course. The road is traveled, so the road block may be present because in our hearts we are not. 

Determination with the course can sometimes detour us from the real goal.

Deliverance from evil. Evil can take many forms. Greed or just maybe doubt in God’s presence. All of us at one time or another have feelings of insecurity. God has all of us or we would not have had existence from the start 

God, help me trust in you when I see the road is rough. If you want me to make a U turn to face something different help me to understand without all the frustration that my head strong determination causes. 

Thank you, I will trust because only you see it All. 

Keep me forever in awe and totally in love with you. I never want to leave or forsake any part of you. I know how much I need you.

You fill all my needs. You fill the desires of my heart! 

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