Planning to sign off!

Praying continually and am giving time to reach out through my devotion and even doubts. This blog is about God, His Son . the Holy Spirit and how we as individuals struggle through life in search for purpose and love. 

Now I leave all in the clouds to be opened by those whom have subscribed. It will eventually close, who knows? In any case, I lift all to God and will continue in prayer to honor Him in what He chooses me to do. 

Since I am clay modeled for a purpose and now have seen at times I have been marred, to God I will lift up my outstretched hands, in honor and praise of Him. 

My vessel is different and when I meet the Holy One, the vessel will be pure….unblemished giving honor to the Almighty by our true and saving King.

God thank you for your mercy and thank you for this life. It may have had suffering, but that was a given in this life. May you forgive my insolence when I could not understand all the times you guided me by the hand. 

May  my hands be outstretched in homage of you, lifted on high with love. 

God come for me and the others and please let us see the truest love that can ever be existing within forever resting in the arms of God.

 To God be the Glory Forever and ever. Amen.

Take Care. Love to All. Amen.

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